Things to keep in mind before buying a laptop!

Things to keep in mind before buying a laptop!

Nowadays, the demand and popularity of the laptop computer is more than desktop computer. Macbooks and budget laptops are very popular abroad. Although laptops have less computing processing power than desktop computers, laptops use more than desktops. What is the reason? The reason is the portability of the laptop. You can use the laptop as you wish. For example, if you are streaming while sitting at a computer table, if your back hurts for a long time, you can sit on the sofa with the laptop on your lap and continue streaming. Even if you have a good battery backup, you can continue streaming directly to bed, which you can't do on a desktop computer.

And so many people lean towards laptops without desktops. And many people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to buying a laptop. Whose toll you have to pay. However, I hope that if you understand today's post well, you will not make any mistake in buying a laptop in the future.

Note: This is not a laptop buying guide. Or you would be wrong to take this post as a laptop buying guide. This post is not a laptop buying guide but you can take this post as a “guide” when buying a laptop.

Everything to keep in mind when buying a laptop

1) Your purpose

Laptops are a lot like current smartphones; Just many times more powerful than a smartphone. Just like you will use a smartphone for a long time after buying it and you will not be able to change/upgrade its RAM, processor, GPU etc. after buying the smartphone, in the same way, you will not be able to change/upgrade RAM, processor, graphics etc. on “most” laptops. And like a smartphone, you have to use a laptop for a long time. Budget laptops can pass 4/5 years without much pressure.

To fix your purpose before buying a laptop. Find out if you are actually buying a laptop for "what purpose". Whether you're just editing documents in Microsoft Office, listening to music, watching YouTube, checking social media, or enjoying Netflix - you never need a MacBook or an expensive gaming laptop. Similarly, on a Pentium dual-core laptop you can't take for video editing, data mining or gaming!

But whatever your purpose, heavy usage, gaming, video editing, it would be better for you to take a desktop from a laptop. Because there are many differences in performance between PCs and laptops of the same configuration.

2) Your budget

Now in 2020, you will get good laptops in all ranges! Just like a smartphone, just like how you can get a good budget handset for 10 thousand rupees! You will also get a good budget laptop for 20 thousand rupees. However, according to the budget, the hardware performance, external quality, and features of the laptop will fluctuate. However, try to keep the budget as high as possible, but should not be excessive. However, Manan will keep a signature budget so that this laptop can be used well for the next 2/3 years.

3) Brand

Buy a new laptop or go to buy a second-hand laptop, the first thing you need to look at a laptop or the thing you will check is the brand of the laptop. Because on the desktop you can build the hardware one by one with one company. But on a laptop, you have to buy all the hardware from a company or a brand. So before buying a laptop, decide which brand to buy.

laptop brand - Things to keep in mind before buying a laptop!

If you don't know the brand when buying a laptop, you can get caught in many places. The seller may call you a good brand and give you a new brand new Chinese laptop! Again, the brand has its own unique features! For example, those who have become accustomed to using Apple's laptops once will not like other brands of laptops. As iPhone users get a taste while using Android phones. However, if you want to buy a budget-based laptop, you can look at Asus, Acer, Lenovo. In the midrange, if I can run HP, Dell and high range ROG or Mac OS, I will suggest Apple MacBook.

4) Screen size, weight, and portability

Once you have selected your purpose, budget and brand, you need to look at the screen size, weight and portability of the laptop. And above the screen size, the purpose of using the laptop can be understood. Choose the type of work and the screen size of the laptop according to your needs. And as the screen size gets bigger, the weight of the laptop will increase and at the same time the portability will decrease.

Think of a journalist. He has to be on the run all day/night. If the screen size of this running man's laptop is 20/25 inches, then think for yourself what kind of misery he will have to go through.

laptop weight - Things to keep in mind before buying a laptop!

So if you travel a lot, 13 to 15-inch laptops will be best for you for on-the-go editing. However, if you go more than 15 inches to carry it, you will have to bear the speed. And if you buy it for the purpose of consuming media at home, the 13-inch screen will not be able to support you again, in this case you can go for a larger screen.

Another issue is the weight of the laptop! Now due to the advancement of technology, the weight of big laptops with big screens is also gradually decreasing. If you buy a laptop for the purpose of moving more, you have to pay attention to the weight. However, due to the low weight, the battery size of the laptop is usually less. And a good backup of the battery, even after having a large screen, if you see that the laptop weighs less, then you will understand that it is an expensive laptop feature!

5) Traditional or hybrid laptop

At present, I have come to different sections on laptops! And among them the main two categories of laptops are traditional laptops and another is hybrid laptops. Traditional laptops are normal laptops. And hybrid laptops are the ones you can open the screen to make a tablet PC! The best example of a hybrid laptop is the Lenovo brand YOGA series laptops! Depending on how you use it, you will need a YOGA type laptop!

6) Radham vs. Processor

The two main components of laptop hardware are processors and RAM. You must think twice before buying a laptop.

A) Processor

We usually refer to the central processing unit or CPU as the processor. And the core speed of any computing device, including laptops, performance is the responsibility of this processor. So before buying a laptop, you have to select the best processor according to the budget. Because you can upgrade/add RAM, hard disks etc. later separately but you can't change the processor. So in the next 2/3 years, choose a laptop with a processor specification suitable for your work.

B) Ram

Random Access Memory or RAM is the core of your PC / Laptop program! How many programs you can run in the background at the same time will depend on the size of your RAM. However, unlike processors, RAM does not have a direct effect on performance/speed. If you have RAM below a certain standard, the PC will perform slower and if you go above the standard, the performance will be stable. However, you will not see any such deficiency in the performance of a laptop with 8 GB RAM and a laptop with 12 GB RAM.

7) Storage space

Laptops with two types of storage space are currently available. One is large size rich hard disk storage. Another is the relatively small size of SSD or solid-state drive storage. Although SSDs are smaller in size, their read/write speed is many times higher than hard disks. SSDs are not usually provided on budget laptops. However, when buying a budget laptop, make sure that there is an SSD slot so that you can install an SSD later.

7) Battery life

Whether you buy a new or second-hand laptop, you need to check the service life of the device. But keep in mind that the battery life of a laptop is only needed by those who use the laptop as a "laptop". Take my word for it, my laptop stays charged all day, I only work on the laptop battery for a while when the current goes out. If you buy it to work on a laptop outside for a long time, then its battery life will be the most useful to you.

So for those who travel a lot or the first choice of a journalist is MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. With the latest MacBook Air you get 12 hours of battery life! However, you will never get a good battery life on a gaming laptop. Asus's Predator gaming laptop has two RTX 2000 series cards, so the device runs on battery for a maximum of half an hour!

9) Warranty and support

Top brand laptops come with Toponch Sarpot and warranty. However, no matter what price you buy the laptop, you will get a minimum 6-month warranty. However, whether it is a budget or a gaming laptop, before buying, make sure that you are getting a standard warranty.

10) Other matters

Check the above issues well before buying a laptop. But you have to look at the following things at a glance. They are;

A) Platform: Laptop platform will depend on your purpose and personal choice. You can choose between Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS. If you don't have any problem with open source, you will also get some Linux based laptops in the market.

B) Touchscreen: It seems to me a luxury feature. Most users use laptops without a touchscreen. But you can take a look at it if you need a touchscreen.

C) Keyboard: Like the weight and screen size of the laptop, the keyboard also comes in different types. If you want to buy a laptop for blogging like me, check if you have a full size keyboard.

D) Display: If you don't do visual-based work, your work will be done with normal display or whatever you get at the time of purchase. However, if you take a laptop for graphics work or such fine work, you want a high definition display.

Last Word

If you keep this in mind before buying a new or second-hand laptop, you will hopefully it will not happen. Even then, don't forget to keep a techno expert friend with you when you buy. And I say again, if you think of taking a PC for gaming at home, close your eyes and take a gaming desktop, not a laptop for gaming.

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