'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.

Intel has launched the Intel Core i5 10400 (two variants) on a mid-budget (160-190 $) in the tenth generation processor lineup. Depending on the situation in the country's market, we may get within 18/19 thousand. Without the graphics, the version will be a little less, maybe 16 thousand or a little less. The exact price can really be known in the country.

This price range is very important in the context of our country, especially in the last two to three years a large number of PCs have been built using this range for both multitasking or gaming purposes and needless to say we have seen a number of Raisen processors in this budget and worldwide At the peak. Intel also joined this range through their i5 10400 / f. Intended to capture the long-lost market.

Brief Specification:

Cores/threadsBase clock/Boost Clock (Ghz)lithographyCacheMemory TypeTDPPrice
6/122.9/4.314nm12MBDDR4 (2666Mhz)65 W182$ with IGPU (155$ without IGPU Version)

What's in it?

Intel core i5 10400 has 6 cores and 12 threads. Up to base clock speed 2.9 Ghz and boost clock 2.9 Ghz. Like other tenth-generation processors, it is built on a 14-nanometer architecture. Cache Memory is 12 MB. 65 watt TDP has been given. 10400 will be available at 182 $ and 10400f will be available at 155.

Productivity Benchmark:

*** The biggest competitor of this processor in this budget is ryzen 5 3600 so we will have the main discussion about these two, but recently Ryzen 3 3330x has been launched which will be priced between 12/13 thousand in our country and its performance is quite good ( You can see it from the link below the post) That's why the name of ryzen 3 3300x will come in different places with repeated performance. ***

*** Since the Intel core i5 10400 officially supports 2666 mhz, it must be tested with that speed's RAM as well as with high quality and high speed RAM to get an idea of ​​what performance is available on cheap motherboards and low speed RAM. Available and expensive motherboards and high speed RAM performance e or what will be the difference ***

Cinebench R20 (multicore):

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Cinebench (multicore)
The Core i5 10400 (3188) is about 15% behind the Ryzen 5 3600 (3746) but is about the same distance from the ryzen 3 3300x. However, the same score was found in both types of RAM at 28, 3200 MHz.

Cinebench R20 (Singlecore):

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Cinebench (Singlecore)
Here Ryzen 5 3600 is 13% ahead and here too we can see that the RAM speed has no effect at all on Cinbench's test.

7-Zip (Compression):

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
The compression test of the Seven Zip, however, shows that the RAM speed has been increased by 25% and the performance of the processor has been increased by 5% (although in real life this number is very small). Ryzen 5 is performing 8% slower here using RAM equal to 3600-speed core i5 10400. And with slow speed RAM that percentage is increasing to 12%. However, Ryzen's price is 3300x and is quite ahead in both cases.

7-Zip (Decompression):

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Here it is seen that Ryzen 5 is performing 22% slower from 3600 to 10400, and the improvement of performance is very little with the decrease of RAM speed. Here Core i5 10400 can be seen to perform slower than Ryzen 5 1600AF, 2600.

Adobe Photoshop:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Adobe Photoshop
Using 2666 MHz of RAM and 3200 MHz of RAM, there has been a significant improvement in performance. Performance has improved by 10%. But according to the conventional idea, Intel has always given better performance in Adobe products than Raizen. In this case, it doesn't show that Intel is performing 8% slower using RAM of the same speed. And 19% slow when using RAM of 2666 MHz.

Davinci Resolve Studio 16:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Davinci Resolve Studio 16
Here again, we do not notice any effect of ram speed. ryzen 5 Intel core i5 10400 is performing 8% slower from 3600.

Blender Open Beta:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Blender Open Beta
Ryzen 5 3600 is performing 8% fast against 10400 using 3200 MHz RAM and 10% fast when using 2666 MHz RAM. In both cases, however, the Ryzen 3 has performed much faster than the 3300x intel core i5 10400.

System Power Consumption (Blender task):

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Power Consumption
Intel's Full PC consumes about 150 watts of power in the Blender Task, which is roughly equal to the rival Raisen processors.

Gaming Performance:

In this budget, gamers usually play games in 1080p resolution, so only the benchmarks of 1080p resolution are shown.

Battlefield V:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Battlefield V
With a typical motherboard and RAM (2666mhz) Intel is able to give a framerate equal to the Ryzen 5 3600 here (slightly ahead of 3300x) and using 3200mhz RAM it is giving about 5% more framerate (161 as opposed to 154) and in this case, the framerate is seen The core i7 is about the same as the 8700k.

Far Cry New Dawn:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Far Cry New Dawn
Despite being an Intel Favorite title, Intel is only able to offer a framerate equal to the Ryzen 5 3600 with the RAM of the High Bus. However, it is close to ryzen 7 3700x and slightly behind with the RAM of the Low Bus.

Rainbow Six Siege:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Rainbow Six Siege
Using high speed RAM, the Intel Core i5 10400 is slightly ahead of Raizen and lags behind the slow bus RAM. However, if we notice 1% low performance, we will see that it is much higher in Raisen processors.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Shadow Of the Tomb Raider
11% performance has been improved by using high speed RAM. Intel was giving 113 fps as against 120 fps of ryzen 5 3600 which has gone up to 125 fps in high speed RAM. And even at 1% low, there is an improvement like 10%.

4 Games Average:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.

The configuration of slow RAM and motherboard in the above four games is slightly behind the Ryzen 5 3600 on the Intel average and quite far behind at 1% low. However the RAM configuration of 3200MHZ appears to be slightly ahead of the average on average and performing almost the same at 1% low.


'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Improvements from 97 to 106 fps are seen in the RAM speed change. There is FPS 103 of stock ryzen 3 3300x and FPS 105 of ryzen 5 3600

Red Dead Redemption 2:

'Core i5 10400' is Intel's new tenth generation processor.
Red Dead Redemption 2

Ryzen 5 3600 is missing in this test. However, with 117 fps, Intel is offering 3300x to 3 fps on slow RAM and 22 fps on high-speed RAM.

Assassin’s Creed Origins:

Here seems to be the most performance boost we can see. 20% !! 100 FPS to 120 FPS. 113,114 with Ryzen 3 3300x and Ryzen 5 3600 respectively


We have seen pretty much the same picture in gaming and productivity. Productivity has not improved as much as Intel's habit of struggling. With high speed RAM the gap is sometimes reduced, with almost equal scores coming from the rival Ryzen 5 3600. But never more. Compared to other Intel processors, it must be said that it is impressive. The effect of increasing the core thread is evident here. Clock speed and since the boost limit is up to 4.3 Ghz so in many cases we are getting good output.

With the improvement of RAM in gaming, significant changes are being seen. In short, the performance is always lower than the Ryzen 5 3600 (less than ryzen 3 3300x for some games) (sometimes less than sometimes more) and 3200mhz when you use the RAM and the general entry level motherboard provided by the RAM Speed ​​Official. FPS is available on RAM and high end motherboards which is slightly higher than Ryzen 5 3600. Improvement is seen in both average and 1% low.

3600 Killer?

When high frequency RAM, high end motherboard depends on all the conditions to perform better than any other processor of the processor, it can not be called a killer. Not in the context of Bangladesh. The price is almost the same, but all this but its assembly. And still can't beat 3600 without any condition in multitasking. These can be considered. Nah, it's not the Raizen Five 3600 killer. Could have been, if we could see it in 17/18 thousand. The gaming-centric all-rounder's badge might have been worn. But that is not possible.

Who will buy/upgrade?

He wants to build on Intel platform with a budget of 19/16 thousand rupees. The budget of the motherboard RAM is good enough and if you only take it for gaming then it will be a good enough option for you, one of the best options will be this processor of Intel's tenth generation.

Core i5 10600kf / k could be another great processor if the budget can be taken towards 26/28

The upgrade will be done by those who are running the old system which is not able to give you performance in gaming like Core i3 4th gen / 6th gen or core i3 9th gen, i5 6th gen may be a good choice for you in the same way.

Who will not buy/upgrade

In addition to gaming, productivity work or just productivity work, anyone who does not gaming can take ryzen 5 3600 without taking it in this budget which is a true all-rounder. Yet in this range ryzen 5 3600 is considered as another processor in productivity. With Core i5 10400 you will not get much benefit in all these tasks. Because Raisen is giving you better value for money option.

Even in case of upgrade, those who are using Sem, ryzen 2600 / i7 7700k, 9400f, 8400, it would be very foolish to upgrade from here in this budget. If you want to upgrade, Ryzen 5 3600 will not be a good option at all, in that case you should take the budget towards 25/26 and take 2700x.

Last word

Intel has released a fairly good processor. But due to Raisen's extra aggressive pricing and value for money offer, the best of luck did not go away. However, there is no doubt that the competition has increased a little more. At the end of the day, we benefit from this.

Specification source: ark.intel Benchmark source and credit: Hardware Unboxed

If the budget is 12/13 thousand Bangladeshi rupees: ryzen 3 3300x may be the best choice: see the review in the article-

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