Which is the latest MX Series GPU among mid range laptops? Upcoming Nvidia MX 300 Series GPU lineup.

Which is the latest MX Series GPU among mid-range laptops? Upcoming Nvidia MX 300 Series GPU lineup.

When I pick a graphics card during PC build. Then I want that budget
I choose the graphics card that will give the best performance. We are at the time of selection
Another aspect to note is that there should not be any kind of bottleneck system. That's for this we choose the graphics card with the CPU in mind. But when mine
When it comes to buying a laptop, most of me doesn't pay much attention to the graphics card
I just focus on the CPU. Which is what you do from the laptop
Performance is not getting the expected performance.

Today's article is about Nvidia MX Series & Upcoming MX Series graphics card.
Which are being used in current laptops?

When we think of buying a laptop. First of all, we are towards two things
Notice. 1. What is the generation of CPU, what is the clock speed, what is the core thread? 2. Graphics card
How many GB? But we also need to pay attention to the graphics card. Such as: -
In what year was it released?
GPU architecture or technology?
What is the clock speed?
How much bandwidth?
How much is TDP?

When you verify and buy these, you get what you expect from your laptop
MX 110, MX 130, MX 150, MX 230, MX 250 in the current market.
Laptops with graphics cards are available.

Nvidia MX 100 Series

Mx 110,130,150 These graphics cards were launched in November 2016.
The Mx100 series graphics cards are 28nm from Nvidia's Maxwell architecture.
Made with technology. Whose TDP (Thermal Design Power) is respectively: - 30w,
30w, 25w. Memory Type DDR3. Mx 150 Memory Type DDR5, Memory
Speed ​​1800Mhz, MX 150 Memory Speed ​​6008MHZ

Mx 200 Series

Mx 230,, 250 These graphics cards were launched on February 20, 2019.
The graphics cards of the Mx200 series are 14nm in Nvidia's Pascal architecture
Made with technology. Whose TDP (Thermal Design Power) is: - 10w, 25w respectively.
Memory Type GDDR5, Memory Speed ​​7000Mhz.

Nvidia MX 300 series

Mx 330,, 350 These graphics cards were launched on February 12, 2020.
The graphics cards in the Mx300 series are from Nvidia
Made with 14nm technology in Pascal architecture.
According to various sources, the MX 330 will give performance close to that of the GT 1030.
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Speed ​​7000Mhz
TDP 25 watt
The MX 350 will give the same performance as the laptop GTX 1050. Resulting in regular laptops
Games like Division 2, Metro Exodus, Fifa 20 are in medium settings
The base can be found in good framerate.
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Speed ​​7000Mhz
TDP 20watt

You can see the 3D Mark Ice Strom 1080p Extreme Score above. This is basically
GPU Base is a test. Respectively:
MX 110- 41631
MX 130- 44243
MX 150- 4658.6
MX 230- 61903
MX 250- 65863
MX 330- 67932
MX 350- 79699
Currently, the GPUs of MX230 and MX 250 are the best in the market for graphics
Get performance. Nvidia MX 300 series laptops with GPU 2020
It will be available in the market of Bangladesh in the middle or at the end.

So there will be suggestions if you are for graphical work
If you want to buy a laptop with a dedicated graphics card and your budget is 45
If it is more than a thousand, then without the laptops of MX 100 series.
You can take a laptop with MX 230, MX 250 GPU or MX 300 series
We Can wait for it. Which will give the best performance for your work.

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