Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Wireless transfer files from mobile to PC / Computer

Wireless way to transfer files from mobile to PC

In our life, mobile phones are having more impact than computers. Because most of the computer is now done on mobile. But even then it is not yet time to put the PC aside. And that's why most of us use laptops or desktop PCs from time to time. And that's where today's post goes.
To exchange any files from smartphone to PC or from PC to smartphone, we first use the USB cable provided with the mobile. But there are times when we don't have the cable in our hands or the cable is nailed down and your emergency file remains on the PC. In today's post, I will show you how to transfer wirelessly from PC to Phone or from Phone to PC without USB cable.

There are many people who consider file transfer with this cable a little hassle. After opening the cable from the port on the charger repeatedly on the PC and on the PC, after hearing the Ka-doonk sound on the PC, selecting the File Transfer option on the mobile can be very boring. But it is important to remember that with the only USB cable you will get maximum file transfer speed. That means I would prefer to copy files to a larger size with a USB cable.

Wireless ADB
This method is for Android Experts who want to show themselves "expert" in life. In this method we will transfer files from PC to phone with a simple ADB connection. But the problem is that first one time you have to connect to ADB with mobile USB. No more cables. If for some reason the Recovery or the ROM has been killed on the mobile using ADB, the cable is no longer needed. If you do not do so, first turn on USB debugging option from mobile developer option and connect the set to PC with cable. Then turn on the ADB terminal in normal mode.

Type in the terminal adb tcpip 5556 and enter.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

This will restart the ADB host in tcpip mode. Now you need to find the local IP of your device. Now, type in the terminal

Adb shell


This command is similar to the command prompt / ipconfig, here you have to extract the IP of your device from the output list and it will basically be like 192.168.x.x.

After getting the IP address, type exit in the terminal and then type adb connect xxx.xxx.x.x: 5556 Enter the IP address of your device in place of x. Now open the cable and start transferring the file within ADB. Note that you need to transfer files with the / push or pull command.

Share it is the easiest wireless transfer method for Amazon like us. This ShareThis app is most commonly used for file transfer on Android to Android. But do you know that now you can transfer files from PC to Android or even PC to PC via ShareIT. However, the problem is that many times when the connection does not take a bit of trouble, it is difficult to get into trouble. I also teach you how to avoid this problem. Transferring through Share It will give you the router's transfer speed (usually 100Mbps) and the hotspot speed of your device if the router is not. (Usually 60Mbps).

For those who use routers, the trick is always to connect:

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Install Share It on PC and start it. Open the Scan Code. Now turn on the Share It on the mobile. Tap on the Connect PC option from the menu.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

From the Scanning window, tap on the Scan to connect the option below. Often, clicking on the name does not take the connectivity.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Compile the barcode scan of your mobile with the bar code of PC Shareite and combine the barcode scan.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

A popup menu will appear here for 5 seconds. Select the LAN mode here. Diameter! Then you can always connect with SharePoint.


If the size of your transfer file is low and the number is low, then you can finish the file transfer on the PC or Android with Bluetooth. But keep in mind that you won't get speeds like WiFi or ShareIT here. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have a Bluetooth adapter on your desktop. Laptops usually have Bluetooth drivers already provided so there will be no problem.

To send files via Bluetooth to a phone from a Windows 7 laptop, you first need to Pair these two devices.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

For that, first switch to Settings> Devices. Now toggle the Bluetooth setting to ON. And turn on Bluetooth on your device as well.

Now add Bluetooth or other device> Bluetooth and start scanning. After a while your mobile phone name will be scanned, select and connect and complete Pair.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Now, to send files via Bluetooth, go to Settings> Devices> Send or Receive files via Bluetooth> Send Files option. Now select the file you want to share.

FTP Server
Now let's get to the end. You probably don't have a USB cable, and for some reason the Sharewrite or Bluetooth method is not working. FTP server is the only way to transfer files! FTP is a File Transfer Protocol that allows you to remotely access files stored on a host server. And the speed of copying a file to a PC on a PC, you get the same speed when you download something from an FTP server. People who have dropped movies, movies, and services from the server on the broadband line will already know it.
Now you can download the mobile files on PC by making your mobile host server.

First download the WiFi FTP Server app from Playstore. Then open.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Come back to the settings by tapping on the top four corner settings icons. It's best not to capture the Port Number section here, it will be set automatically to your router. If the Anonymous Access box is ticked, your user id, password is given, but only if you press the address, anyone can access the file on your mobile. So if you want to give the user name and password, uncheck this box. At the bottom of the root folder you can select your memory card or phone memory or both. And if Read-Only tick the cell, you can copy, edit, delete or paste from the phone only.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

Now go to the main menu and click on the Start button. Please check the server URL below. This is precisely what you need to type in your PC browser. For example, here is the text Entering will not work, or if you give www. 2221, it will not work.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer Or enter the server address in your app on the PC and enter in the browser. You will see that your memory card / phone has moved to the memory browser. Now click on the file you want to bring to the PC, the download will start, but do not panic, it will not cut the data in your net and will be dropped to the PC in the blink of an eye.

Wireless File transfer files from Mobile to PC or Computer

If you want to copy a file over the phone, come to File Explorer and type in the address bar and enter your FTP server link. And here you can copy and paste as usual.


I hope you enjoy today's post. Always try to transfer files with USB cable. And of course when you finish transferring files via FTP or share brick, double-check that your connection is off. Otherwise, you may face different problems. For example, anyone accessing the FTP server will be able to steal your mobile file or access the SharePoint hotspot and enjoy it without your WiFi password.

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